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Planning Your Gyrobee

Planning Your Gyrobee

Review the Gyrobee Documentation:  Part number 001-CD is available online at  

Air Frame Preferences: All Star Bee Gyros (S.B.G.) Rolling Air Frame Kits include parts necessary to complete Phases 1-13 of the Gyrobee Documentation plus a Starbee seat, Black Beauty rotor head and five gallon fuel tank.
To help you decide which Rolling Air Frame to order, there are several considerations:

Raw Materials: Minimum space - cleared one-car garage though the space of a two-car is optimum. Drill press, band saw, disk sander, good set of files, good quality drill bits, work bench or layout table, good lighting, table saw with minimum 60-tooth carbide blade, digital caliper, transfer punches, scribe, square, steel rule, center drills, access to a small lathe and milling machine. Purchase a bunch of quarter/twenty and 3/16 hardware bolts for pre-assembly. (AN hardware included in the Air Frame Kit will be used for final assembly.)

Predrilled Kits (0960, 0981, & 00TB, 00BD, 00SBL): Assembly- in addition to assembly space, lighting and layout table, you will need a good set of wrenches, an occasional extra set of hands, a couple 1' high saw horses, rubber-faced quick grip clamps and patience. You also will need the ability to perform your hang test with minimum 500lb capacity and forethought on how you will extricate the 8' high assembled Bee from your building space. You may want to include the StarBee Split Mast option which eliminates the height constraint for trailering or storing.. The Split Mast allows you to trailer your Gyrobee in an unaltered enclosed trailer or roll it into a standard garage.

Build-As-You-Go: In addition to assembly needs, refer to the Gyrobee Documentation Phases to plan your stages.

Gyrobee Kit Options: We offer three basic Gyrobee Kits.  The complete Total BEE Kit (00TB) consists of a Drilled Single Mast Rolling Airframe with StarBee modified suspension, StarBee cyclic control, Black Beauty rotor head, StarBee aluminum T-tail, 4 point harness, StarBee seat, seat cushion, 5 gallon fuel tank, MZ202 engine, Ivoprop, analog instruments, 23’ Dragon Wings, StarBee electric prerotator and battery. The BEE Deal (00BD) is the Total BEE without the instruments, engine and propeller (and related components).  The complete StarBee Light Kit (00SBL) allows the builder to stay within the Part 103 ultralight weight limit.  The kit includes a Drilled Single Mast Rolling Airframe with StarBee a modified spring-shock suspension, StarBee cyclic control, Black Beauty rotor head, seat tank, motor mount, pod and pod mount, analog RPM, CHT & EGT; MZ201 engine, Ivoprop, 23' Sport Copter blades; StarBee composite tail, 4 point harness,  throttle group with cable.  

Contact us for Kit details:  All of these kits can be modified to suit your needs.

No matter what type of Rolling Air Frame you choose, if you attend Fly-Ins, bring a camera and take many pictures for ideas and reference. YouTube has videos under the Gyrobee search. Every gyro has a different twist and flair as you will see by visiting the S.B.G. Gallery. Each account picture has the capability of more than one picture posting so click on all of them to see if more are posted within.

Single Mast OR Redundant Mast; Information background: the original Gyrobee flew on a single 2x2x1/8" mast. The redundant mast consists of two 1x2x1/8" tubes bolted together.
Our single mast has been upgraded to 2x2x3/16". Our aerospace engineer consultant has determined that the single 2x2x3/16" mast is 13% stronger fore and aft and three times stronger side-to-side.
The redundant mast as it is would be stronger if it was BONDED but it is bolted at three points. Some pilots feel a peace of mind with the two and others prefer the single. This is your personal preference.
One consideration for Raw Materials Kit builders: there is half as much drilling on a single mast and it is much easier to line up the cluster plates on a single mast.

StarBee Modified Suspension (889K) The Original Gyrobee has tread of 7'1". The Starbee Modified Suspension uses a 5'6" tread for ease of moving in a garage and trailering.  The 750lb spring rate shocks work within the triangulated suspension. We believe it is a more rugged and smoother operating suspension system than the original bungee cord system.  Many a hard landing has come off unscathed with the StarBee Modified Suspension that could otherwise have suffered suspension collapse.


Completing Your Gyrobee
After the initial decisions pertaining to the rolling air frame are made, you will need to plan for the other essentials to head you toward the runway.

Rotor Blades (922 -945) When you get to this point, contact us with your pilot weight and field elevation to determine the blade size that is right for you. A pilot weighing up to about 180-200lbs with a low field elevation can expect to fly on 23' Dragon Wings. These blades come crated and shipped directly from the factory to your local freight airport. Dragon Wings fly exceptionally well on a Gyrobee and have a small hub bar that is included in the price. Dragon Wings do require a prerotator. Sport Copter blades are hand startable or easily started with the StarBee Gizmo recoil prerotator (91


click here to download free Gyrobee Plans
Download the free Gyrobee Reference plans from Ralph Taggart's website.
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