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Star Bee Gyros Overview

Star Bee Gyros is dedicated to producing high quality CNC machined parts and kits. We are one of the few Gyro manufacturers to have an Aerospace Engineer consultant. We pack and ship your order promptly so you can Bee Flying in your own personal Gyrobee.

We use 6061-T6 - the industry standard. All hardware is AN-type.

Whether you are a do-it-ALL-myself-type or want to use the benefit of our CNC machined and drilled parts, have it your way. The Materials Kit consists of all aluminum tubing, angle and flat stock cut to length with you shaping and drilling the components. The Predrilled Kit consists of all components needed to assemble your Gyrobee rolling airframe. Either way, you then add your personal touches with paint, tail section, rotor blades, instruments and engine. From the ground up, you can be constructing your craft with the help of Star Bee Gyros.

If it's a few parts you need to upgrade your present gyro or an entire kit, Star Bee Gyros is here for you.


Star Bee Gyros
221 Woodward Lake Road.
Trenton, SC.

Tel: 803-663-1052

Fax: 803-663-1052

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