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Gyrobee Overview

The Gyrobee was designed from the ground up as a no-compromise, Part 103-legal aircraft. The features incorporated into the Gyrobee assure that it has the characteristics you want from an ultralight - legality, ease of handling, and a decent level of performance. Design features to accomplish this often run counter to current design trends in Experimental machines. Ultralights (fixed-wing or gyro) that work well are not simply scaled-down. Experimental models and different approaches are often required. Every feature of the Gyrobee is there on the basis of careful ultralight design considerations, backed up by extensive flight testing.

It is no secret that most legal ultralight gyros don't fly very well, especially with heavier pilots. In contrast, the Gyrobee is a very solid performer. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that the Gyrobee is a very light gyro. Performance has been specified on the basis of a 215 pound pilot weight, not the mythical 170 pound wimp favored by the FAA.

The engine, reduction drive, and prop are well-matched, yielding very close to an optimum static thrust coefficient. What that means is that a 40 hp engine provides plenty of power for the aircraft. The Gyrobee cruises at 50 mph at only 5000 rpm (about 30 hp), which is excellent for any gyro.

The Gyrobee features a tall mast with a low vertical center of gravity. In addition to providing the clearance to swing the blades, the tall mast provides very positive pendulum stability resulting in a gratifying level of flight stability.

The tail boom is quite long, which makes the rudder very effective at any airpseed, but not over-sensitive as is often the case in a close-coupled design.

The Gyrobee landing gear is optimized for operation from grass strips, including bungee-loaded struts to absorb stresses and strains that would otherwise be transferred to the rotor control system and blades. The very wide main gear track is a pain when it comes to trailering the machine but results in extremely solid ground handling.

The preceeding information was taken from Ralf Taggart's website.


click here to download free Gyrobee Plans
Download the free Gyrobee Reference plans from Ralph Taggart's website.
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