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     Engines & Props

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  Part Name   Part ID   Sub Category   Details   Price   Details/Buy
 Hirth 2702  951 Engines 2 cycle - 40hp - fan cooled recoil start with G50 gear box, carb. and exhau $0.00 view details
 Hirth 3202 952 Engines Hirth 55hp -Dual carb w/recoil start & G50 gearbox. Contact us for current $0.00 view details
 Rotax 582 DC 955 Engines Two stroke, dual carb, oil injection, dual ignition, liquid cooled 64.4hp.  $6,980.00 view details
 MZ 201 Engine 956 Engines 45hp, electric and recoil starter, Tillotson carb. 69lbs complete with red $4,440.00 view details
 MZ 202 958 Engines 60hp, electric start with gear box, clutch, tuned exhaust; complete: 85 lbs $6,000.00 view details
 Engine Mount 959- Engines Aluminum engine mount with elastic berry mounts, And down tubes and hardwar $225.00 view details

  Part Name   Part ID   Sub Category   Details   Price   Details/Buy
 IVOPROP 962 Propellers Composite, 3-blade, ground adjustable 60" propeller. Prices subject to c $660.00 view details
 Powerfin Propeller 964 Propellers B-Model, three-blade, 60" diameter pusher prop wtih ground adjustable pitc $946.00 view details
 Tennessee Propeller 965 Propellers Two blade laminated maple prop 60"x38" with protective clear leading edge t $450.00 view details
 Leading edge tape for #965 965a Propellers Protective clear leading edge tape for Tennessee propeller